MOPA Holds Productive Dialogue with Dhaalu Kudahuvadhoo Council

Press Release

Deliberations include possible future partnerships  to improve environmental-resilience and safe handling  of single-use plastics on the island

Male’, 19 September 2020 – The Founder/President of MOPA Thoriq Ibrahim today held a Zoom conference meeting with the President Ahmed Shaam and Vice President Ali Saud of the Dhaalu Kudahuvadhoo Island Council, to exchange views on future areas of collaboration and partnership in improving environmental-resilience and safe handling of single-use plastics on the island.

In his comments, MOPA President Thoriq noted that the Alliance had earmarked Kudahuvadhoo as a potential location to roll out its first flagship programmes and project. He briefed the island leadership on MOPA’s objectives, and thanked them for their wholehearted support and eagerness to work in partnership with MOPA in improving the lives and livelihoods of the island’s population.

Island Council President Shaam noted that they were successfully implementing a home waste collection programme but that the endeavor faces difficulties of cost effectiveness and logistics. He added that there is a dire need for greater resources, especially vehicles and other material. He added that in 2019 the Island Council had successfully inaugurated a Waste Management Centre, through a MVR 2.5 million investment from public accounts.

Thoriq Ibrahim elaborated that, under MOPA’s flagship Island Plastic Cleanup Project, they would establish an effective mechanism to collect single-use plastic waste and safely transport it to the collection centre in Thilafushi. He noted that the project would bring together numerous stakeholders with the resources, expertise and experience to ensure success. Furthermore, he spoke on the need to conduct awareness programmes to better educate residents of the dangers of ocean plastic pollution. He assured that the MOPA team would conduct an initial monitoring visit to the island, as soon as Covid-19 related travel restrictions are eased.

Kudahuvadhoo, with a population of 3,100 residents, is the capital island of South Nilandhe (Dhaalu) Atoll. Rich in history and heritage, the island also boasts the fastest growing economy in the atoll.