MOPA Briefs WAMCO on Future Plans; Proposes Stakeholder Partnership on Plastic Waste Management

Press Release
MOPA meetings with WAMCO

Male’, 19 October 2020 – MOPA Executive Committee Members today visited the Head Office of the Waste Management Company of Maldives (WAMCO), to engage in stakeholder collaboration talks.

Led by Managing Director Adam Mohamed, WAMCO warmly welcomed MOPA’s team and congratulated them on a successful inaugural Annual Meeting and Executive Committee election.

MOPA Founder and President, Former Environment Minister Thoriq Ibrahim briefed WAMCO senior management on the principles and objectives of MOPA, and invited WAMCO to join MOPA as a strong stakeholder and partner in implementing proposed flagship projects of the Alliance.

Thoriq noted that MOPA had drawn up a number of immediate and longer term programmes, and that they had begun talks with selected Island Councils to roll out the first few programmes in the coming months. He also briefed MD Adam Ibrahim and his team on the important research initiatives of MOPA, which would be invaluable to WAMCO to streamline future operations in safely addressing waste management in the capital, Male’.

In the meeting, WAMCO MD and his team briefed MOPA on current programmes and operations of WAMCO, and assured Thoriq Ibrahim that they were keen on working closely with MOPA. “We are keen on supporting MOPA’s programmes, and hope to enter into detailed discussions on forging a strong and lasting partnership in realizing our common objectives”, Adam Mohamed added.

The MD was joined at the meeting by WAMCO’s General Manager (Business Development and Marketing) Ismail Ubaid, General Manager (Greater Male’ Operation) Ahmed Shafiu and Secretary to the MD, Ms Safa Naaz.

Founder and President of MOPA Thoriq Ibrahim was accompanied by COO Ahmed Maumoon and Executive Committee Member Ali Amir.

MOPA is a Maldivian NGO committed to building alliances to reduce, recycle and reuse ocean plastics in the Maldives, through networking, monitoring, advocacy, awareness and research-based projects. Through its work, MOPA aspires to building environmental resilience and promote sustainable development in the Maldives.