MOPA Meets Four Potential Stakeholders

Press Release

Male’, 22 October 2020 – Senior officials of the Maldives Ocean Plastics Alliance (MOPA) have held fruitful deliberations with four potential stakeholders, to brief them on MOPA’s flagship projects.

In the meeting with Ali Ihsan, CEO of Happy Market Pvt Ltd, the Founder and President of MOPA, Thoriq Ibrahim emphasised the need to forge effective partnerships to manage single-use plastic waste in the Maldives.

Earlier in the week, MOPA officials had visited the Head Office of the Maldives Water and Sewerage Company PLC, where they held discussions with the Managing Director of the utilities provider, Hassan Shah. In the meeting, MOPA officials discussed ways to work in partnership, including the pivotal role of PET bottle distributors in increasing plastic recycling.

In a fruitful meeting with officials of the Restaurants Association of Maldives, MOPA Executive Committee members suggested partnership in upcoming programmes to establish sustainable collection and recycling of plastics in the capital, Male’.

Speaking with Mr Milind Derasari, General Manager of the Maldives Aerated Waters Company Pvt Ltd, MOPA President Thoriq discussed the need to allot CSR contributions towards plastic waste management.

Rounding up the meetings, MOPA also held extensive discussions with Ms Shahina Ali, Executive Director of Parley Maldives – the premier ocean plastic interception, recycling platform in the country. Thoriq thanked Shahina and briefed her on MOPA’s objectives. He expressed his strong desire to work closely.