Maldives Ocean Plastics Alliance (MOPA) and Housing Development Corporation (HDC) signed an agreement for development of Material Recovery Facility (MRF) in Hulhumalé and to combat single use plastics

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16 August 2022, MOPA-HDC (Maldives) -MOPA and Housing Development Corporation (HDC) have signed an agreement and allocated land space for MOPA to develop a much-needed material recovery facility (MRF) for collection in Hulhumale and for facilitating recycling of single use plastics. This agreement will pave the way to work towards the mutual goal of combating ocean plastics by establishing a sustainable mechanism of collecting the throw-away recyclable PET plastics. The MOU was signed by Mr. Thoriq Ibrahim, President & Co-Founder of MOPA and the Deputy Managing Director of HDC, Mr. Ahmed Athif.

Under the agreement signed, MOPA and HDC have agreed to collaborate and work together to facilitate on several fronts to combat the single use plastics. As part of the project, a material recovery facility (MRF) will be developed by MOPA at the allocated land space as a key depot for collection, bailing and packaging the consumed PET bottles. In addition, MOPA will put over 345 purpose-built dustbins across both Phase1 and Phase2 of Hulhumale for collection of PET and general wastes consumed on the go. In addition, the project covers a regular and sustainable beach cleaning programs for a designated 500m strip of the beach area on a quarterly basis. A key component of the project signed also involves running community level communication campaigns for raising awareness and driving behaviour change in young people and community towards waste segregation, waste management and single use plastics.

This national multi-stakeholder partnership project brings together numerous companies with a common vision to create a more sustainable waste PET plastic management and a better shared future that makes a difference in people’s lives, communities and our planet.

At the signing, Mr. Thoriq shared his appreciation and congratulated the team at HDC for their vision and commitment to combat the ocean plastics and for supporting MOPA in the efforts to reduce the ocean plastics in the Maldives. He further highlighted the importance of collaborating to work towards a more sustainable future in saving the environment while thanking the partners of the program.

At the ceremony Athif, Deputy MD of HDC affirmed their team’s commitment to combat single use plastics in Maldives and noted that they are firmly behind all such initiatives.

The program designed by MOPA advocates for behavioural changes i n PET consumption, disposal, collection, and recycling which will be shared in community-based programmes to raise awareness on the far-reaching impact of waste segregation and management.

About MOPA:
The Maldives Ocean Plastics Alliance (MOPA) was registered in the Maldives in early 2020 as a non-governmental, not-for-profit networking organisation, focused on the growing domestic concern over plastic pollution. The core objectives of the Alliance include reducing, reusing and recycling plastics, raising awareness on their dangers to the country’s fragile ecosystems including the vast and abundant oceans, and advocating for greater repurposing of single-use plastics in communities.

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