DhAEC & MOPA hosts “Waste Free Ocean” art exhibition

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31 August 2022, Wednesday, Kudahuvadhoo: As part of the ‘’On the Ground, in the sea: model island Kudahuvadhoo project, Dhaal Atoll Education Center in collaboration with Maldives Ocean Plastics Alliance (MOPA) hosted an art exhibition themed “Waste Free Ocean”. The art competition was organized and managed by the School Art Club of Dhaalu Atoll Education Centre.

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The main objectives of this art exhibition are to facilitate behavioral change through art, provide students with the opportunity to showcase their creativity through art, encourage waste free sustainable practices and increase awareness on ocean plastics, plastic waste, single use plastics and waste segregation at household level.

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While the art exhibition showcased all the artwork submitted by the students, the 12 best artworks were selected, and awards were handed over to the 12 young artists during this ceremony. The exhibition and awards ceremony were attended by officials from MOPA, special invitees, delegates from donors, school parents, teachers and students.

President of MOPA, Mr. Thoriq Ibrahim,and the principal of school addressed the event highlighting the importance of individual and community effort towards waste segregation, reducing and repurposing waste in order to reduce our plastic footprint and save our oceans and its biodiversity.

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Registered in 2020, MOPA is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization focused on forging alliances, and works in the jurisdiction of the Maldives. MOPA is the first, and so far only, locally-registered non-government initiative dedicated to forging strong stakeholder alliances to reduce, recover, reuse, repurpose and recycle ocean plastics in the Maldives. MOPA believes in working with manufacturers, importers, retailers, consumers, tapping into corporate social responsibility initiatives to safeguard our pristine environment. MOPA is committed to science, contribute to education and awareness and conform to policy initiatives, to formulate community-based programmes and ambitious projects aimed at ridding pollution from our oceans. MOPA is inspired by the commitment of the government of Maldives to address ocean plastics through strong legislation. MOPA also supports the global movement towards banning single use plastics.