1. Is MOPA an NGO?

MOPA is registered in the Republic of Maldives, under the Associations Act of 2003, under registration no. xxxx. MOPA is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization.

2. Can I join MOPA?

Yes! Of course! Anyone wishing to support our initiatives, volunteers to lend a hand in our work or spread the message of MOPA in their communities is welcome to become a full member of MOPA. Organisations and businesses wishing to work with us can apply to become Associate Members. Click on the “Join Us” tab on this website to get started!

3. How can my organization/business partner with MOPA?

MOPA relies on stakeholder support in our work. We channel you to likeminded organisations and business, as well as professional and technical support, financing and manpower in undertaking CSR initiatives, community advocacy projects or even education and awareness programmes, as long as it contributes towards the reduction of ocean plastics in the Maldives. We are eager to hear from you! Just drop us a message!

4. How is MOPA funded?

MOPA is funded 100% through charitable donations and member and stakeholder contributions. MOPA follows a strict policy of transparency and accountability. Project and programme finances are allocated strictly towards the dedicated project or programme only.

5. Does MOPA engage in environmental research and analysis?

We act as a conduit for research work, and engage with local and international professionals to undertake important scientific assessments and situation analysis on the subject, to help policymaking in the Maldives and to raise awareness on ocean plastic waste and its harmful effects.

6. How can I learn more about MOPA?

Do browse through this website. For more information, just drop us a message. We will reply promptly. Your concern and feedback matters to us. And we rely on your support to reach our important objectives.