MOPA Ethics

Financial and accounting affairs of MOPA are adopted according to national and international norms.

Copies of annual financial reports verified by the financial and accounting standards and norms stated above, will be submitted to all necessary national and international stakeholders and deposited into the MOPA archives.

All documents of purchases and expenses, including inventories and equipment donated and maintained by MOPA will be executed after accurate financial verification.

All the movable and immovable assets of MOPA will be logged and registered under its title, while individuals do not have the right to use or claim these assets as personal, and the individual may not purchase any inventory under personal title.

MOPA is obliged to spend its budget in accordance to Terms of Contract and on specified project activities only, and shall provide an annual financial report at its annual meeting of the Executive Committee, and after it is endorsed, with any other concerned authority of government or other stakeholder.

People will be recruited based on their educational qualification, professional field experience, understanding and adherence to MOPA’s mandate and/or special talents or capabilities.

Priority will be accorded to Maldivian citizens, women recruits and those with special needs.