Our Mission


MOPA was formed in March 2020. The primary objectives of MOPA is to build and strengthen alliances to reduce ocean plastic, address issues of single use plastic, conduct advocacy, and implement projects to this regard. MOPA also work towards advocating for, and assist building environmental resilience, and promoting sustainable development in the Maldives.

MOPA is guided by the conviction that addressing the issue of ocean plastics will require collective, and community led action, building on alliances and partnership between the industries and consumers. MOPA recognises the role of extended producer responsibility and corporate social responsibility in catalysing efforts towards reducing, and addressing the issue of ocean plastics. The programmes of MOPA are formulated and implemented with this creed. The programmes of MOPA is built on the following pillars:

  • Empowering communities and local initiatives to reduce plastic use;
  • Facilitate and support policy and legislative change;
  • Provide a platform for local innovations and technology solutions to address plastic use;
  • Enhance the role of the corporate sector and promote extended producer responsibility;
  • Educate and advocate; and,
  • Catalyse funding through donors and partners for community and local initiatives.