Take Action

At MOPA, we advocate for strong action against ocean plastics. Taking action starts with each and every one of us.

With MOPA, concerned stakeholders can engage in corporate social responsibility initiatives that focus on our multipronged approach to ocean plastics, that include community-driven programmes and projects that include cleanups, source management, collections and recycling initiatives and educating communities.

Donors – big or small, are ensured that every single Rufiyaa or Dollar will go towards our programmes and projects.

Educators can connect with us in introducing awareness literature to younger audiences, while local and international researchers can work with MOPA towards the global understanding of the detrimental effects of plastics to our ocean ecosystems.

Enthusiasts can do their part by volunteering to join our team or simply by signing our petition. Participating in our survey is another way to be part of our efforts. As the country’s only alliance on ocean plastics, we need your support and assistance in reaching our lofty goals.